Blog : How Shakespeare saved my life

23rd April 2016

I blush about it when I think of what I did.

When I was 17, I ran away from home. Like lots of teenagers do. But not to the clubs and pubs, or the streets paved with gold, but to Stratford upon Avon.

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Blog : How I found myself through creativity

Written in March 2014

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would visit my Grandma’s house every weekend. Upon arrival, I would leap upstairs to our ‘secret attic’. Upstairs, beside an old wooden and highly decorated wardrobe, with a real ‘fur’ coat hanging inside, Sarah and I would set about staging our next ‘production’.

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Blog: Behind every great woman

I must confess that this is not my original idea. But still, I thought it worthy of a blog post. I was listening to Woman’s hour on Radio 4, and I heard this man talk about how his relationship had become a little strained over the years - it had lost its’ mystique.

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Business & career : how to be authentic at work

I have a secret.

I haven’t always been a freelance writer.

I know this is something we try desperately to hide when running a business, but there I’ve said it, I’ve had another past.

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Lifestyle : Plus-size me

Plus-size clothing shops not only provide amazing fashion staples guaranteed to flatter our figures, but they are also a huge step forward for the body positive movement. I’ve been shopping in plus-size stores for around 5 years now, and where once I was relegated to the sidelines of the sexy fashion catwalk models, I can now proudly walk amongst them. Plus-size stores really think about what suits a curvier figure and how best to showcase all the gorgeous bits of my now, finally, in-fashion physique. Here's my top 3 go-to stores to purchase clothes in. Clothes that love me, as much as I love them.

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Lifestyle : I’m a Barbie girl

A strange thing appeared on my Christmas list this year.

By my two nieces’ names, where usually there would be some kind of book or classic teddy bear, I found myself writing ‘Barbie’. Yes, Barbie.

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Lifestyle : Ready-made Christmas

Last Christmas I gave you my ‘organic, triple-basted bird, within a bird, within a bird roast, with a million trimmings’, but the very same day, I spent most of Christmas with my head buried in the dishwasher. Sound familiar?

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Short story : The Dress

There were three letters in all.

I’d wanted to say thank you to her, but now I’m left waiting in this room, well, I suppose it’s a waiting room really. It’s a bit drab and the curtains don’t quite hang as they should. Probably the wrong fabric, or the weights have fallen out, but there’s something about being a seamstress that makes you eye-up every curtain and pelmet in sight. But it’s the dresses I love.

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Screenplay : Landladies

Landladies tells the inspirational story of five

Blackpool guesthouse landladies in post-war

Britain. The series aims to recreate the

glamour and excitement of Blackpool in

the late forties and fifties. Our story

opens in 1949, ten years after the

lights were switched off on the

Blackpool prom. Britain is

war-torn, different, changed,

and ready-as-ever for a

holiday, and the Blackpool

illuminations are on again.

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Travel : Rome on a shoestring

I seriously doubt if I could love anyone who did not wish to go to Rome.

The city of chance encounters, coffee and gelato conversations, history embodied, seeping out of every wall, cobbled floor, window, lamppost. With a soundtrack of fresh water fountains, and the sun seeming always to be streaming in lighting up the yellow gold of the walls and drawing attention to the beautiful, beautiful people of Roma. We need no introduction, no reason why. Rome is a Hollywood set, a historical museum, an open book with thousands of years of history - it's a not a weekend mini break, it's a pilgrimage.

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Travel : The Orient-Express

Step aboard the impressive Belmond British Pullman train at London’s Victoria Station, and you will instantly be transported to a gentler, more beautiful time. Take your seat and wave goodbye to the modern age. Discover a period where passengers were achingly-stylish, tables were freshly-laid with white tablecloths, polished silverware, and cut-glass water glasses. Where women wore white gloves and carried clutch bags close, where hats should be worn for every occasion.

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