Working Carer guides

This hugely important work seeks to assist carers who care for friend or family member on an unpaid basis, whilst also juggling work. Three guides and two infographics were produced to assist employers and employees in managing this difficult task.

PDF copies available through the links below:

A guide for employers

Employee guide

Carer passport

Working carer infographic

The rise of working carers

Top 10 Cool and

Unusual Hotels in Reykjavik

The uber-cool Kex (the Icelandic word for biscuit), is a social hostel built in a former biscuit factory,and like many biscuit barrels, you’ll find a variety of flavours, shapes and tastes.

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10 of Europe’s

most unusual campsites

Pot-a-Doodle Do and Wigwam Village Wigwam Bam....the Wigwam Village lies near Berwick Upon Tweed, and boasts wigwams and yurts. Holy Island, the Farne Islands and Bamburgh castle line the picturesque Northumberland coast, which is only a few miles away.

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12 gruesome things to do this Halloween

From creepy castles to werewolf filled forests, here are 12 of the most gruesomely fun things to do for Halloween 2014

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The London

Love School

A series of courses to assist clients of the London Love School to seek our new relationships, or grow partnerships they are already engaged in.

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